Friday, September 3, 2010

The Food Safety and Modernization bill, S.510 Affects Health Supplements, Not Just Food

As reports of widespread, factory farmed food contamination make headlines, Congress prepares to vote on the controversial Food Safety and Modernization bill, S.510. The bill is construed as a safety act to promote better monitoring of factory farms and apply stricter regulations to the agriculture industry to prevent the spread of food-born contamination.

The bill however, proposes unreasonably strict regulatory controls on all US food – including supplements -- and farms, mandating industrial scale farming techniques such as the use of pesticides, GMOs, and medicated livestock, among many others. The bill gives the FDA a huge increase in control over all foods and supplements, and puts all food growing practices under the control of Homeland Security. The bill also forces compliance with WTO (World Trade Organization) regulations – regulations which have effectively destroyed many small scale, organic, and family farms in developing nations worldwide. This bill will attempt to make it illegal to grow or distribute food that has not been produced in accordance with WTO industrial agriculture mandates. This could effectively mean the end of organic farming, and constitute a major blow to the supplement industry as well.

As a threat to our health freedom it is imperative that we oppose this bill and let our senators know that we need them stand up for our health choices.

The food safety crisis propaganda that is being used to promote this bill is indeed real. However, the real threats come from the ways that industrial farming has so blatantly disrespected the well being of animals through inhumane factory farming conditions. The key to food safety is in sanitary conditions, not overcrowding and over-medication of livestock, practices that are synonymous with industrial agriculture. It is very important to have safe food, and it is much safer and much healthier to have natural-farmed food, as the health promoting benefits of a garden fresh salad, as opposed to a store bought salad cannot be overlooked.

We need to take the crisis that is happening with our food supply safety and use it to promote healthy and sustainable practices worldwide. Don’t let this opportunity for positive change on multiple levels, including public health, environment, and economy, be co-opted by Big Agra and Big Pharma to promote their agendas of world-wide control over our health freedom choices. Call and write your senators before next Tues Sept. 7th, when Congress is scheduled to vote on this bill, and tell them to oppose S510. Our freedom depends on it.

Update: This bill is stalled in the Senate.


  1. This is just wrong the goverment has had too much control over us its time it ends.This has gone on to long.Say no to S510

  2. The government has been the ones that have brought all of the toxins and poisons into our life in the first place! Take the government OUT of our lives to bring us peace, good health and happiness!