Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Oil Spill and Your Environment

The massive oil spill in the Gulf is tragic and almost incomprehensible. To understand how much damage is truly being done to the ocean, our environment, and our health is almost impossible. This devastating event is a serious wake up call, bringing the issue of environmental toxins that surround us daily to the forefront. The magnitude of this pollution reveals uncertainty and doubt as to how safe we really are from this catastrophic and dangerous spill. Even if you don’t live close to the Gulf, the fear is present as to how far the oil will spread, and for how long the leak will continue to destroy ocean habitat, wildlife, and seafood sources. In light of this disaster, you may feel frustrated and helpless. What can I do to stay healthy? How can I live more sustainably and protect not just my health, but the health of others and the environment?

I operate from a holistic perspective. The planet, our environment, and our bodies are all one system. We need to clean and detox both our internal and external environments. Fortunately, the planet and the human body are both amazingly adaptable and have the enduring capability to heal. With support and gentle methods, we can nurture our world back to balance. By understanding the impact of environmental toxins, we can take the first step towards learning how to remove them from our bodies.

You  may know that I have long been a proponent for education about toxins and removal of unwanted toxins from not just our bodies, but from the environment as well. For example, plastic water bottles are one of the more toxic and detrimental sources to our health and our planet. My video on this subject matter explains why I believe we all need to be informed of the danger of plastic packaging.

Each year in the United States, nearly 90 million plastic bottles are purchased, burdening both the environment and your health. Certain chemicals contained in these plastic containers—including bisphenol-A (BPA) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)—act as xenoestrogens, or substances that mimic estrogen in the body. They seep into your beverages during normal use, and are especially potent at high temperatures. These substances can disrupt crucial antioxidant and DNA activity, as well as interrupt the normal functioning of the endocrine system. This influence has dangerous consequences, ultimately heightening the risk of cancer in adults, and contributing to developmental problems in infants and young children. To minimize damage to both the planet and your health, you should switch to glass or stainless steel bottles and containers, which can be safely re-used by everyone in the family.

We all suffer from everyday exposure to the toxic metals in our environment. For some it's amalgam dental fillings, for others it's dangerous mercury in fish. Multiple medical conditions are linked to the accumulation of toxic metals in the body. Gently chelating (removing metals) from the tissues of our bodies is an important and essential way to cleanse ourselves from the toxins in our environment. Using Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) combined with alginates evolved out of successful clinical trials of MCP alone, after it had proved effective in selectively removing toxic metals and (most importantly) not affecting the body's essential minerals. MCP and alginates (derived from kelp seaweed) is an improved formulation for a more effective binding and removal of toxic metals, without side effects and the risk of toxin re-absorption and redistribution in the body. The report of five case studies confirms that Modified Citrus Pectin combined with alginates is both safe and effective and has been proven to significantly address toxic heavy metal burden in patients with a number of different health conditions. My video, Removing Dangerous Toxic Metals From Our Bodies, explains this further.

I hope you find this information useful and educational. To download my free health report on chelation and detox, click here.

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