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Modified Citrus Pectin -- New Study Proves its Power

Modified Citrus Pectin Fights Cancer

It’s a natural compound that can help you fight off cancer, but chances are you haven't heard of it. It's derived from common citrus fruits known for their detoxifying and antioxidant properties, and it's safe, gentle and effective. I’m referring to a specific type of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP), the soluble fiber found in the pith of citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, and oranges. This dietary supplement is one of the top recommendations in my clinical practice, often used in conjunction with other cancer treatment methods. A complementary treatment, it's now becoming known throughout the mainstream medical community thanks to newly published scientific research. Researchers from Columbia University recently reported in Integrative Cancer Therapies on MCP's powerful effect on both hormone dependent and independent prostate cancer. As an integrative medical doctor with a focus on cancer, I consider their findings tremendously timely and encouraging.

How Modified Citrus Pectin Can Help Fight Cancer
While there are many types of cancer, research shows that there is a typical development process whereby cells lose control of their normal life cycle, eventually growing and spreading to other parts of the body (metastasis). It is also known that many types of cancer cells have high amounts of galectin-3 molecules on their surface. This is where nature and science step in. Years of research have proven that citrus pectin in the properly modified form known as Modified Citrus Pectin, has an inherent ability to bind to galectin-3 adhesion molecules, thus preventing cancer cells from binding and spreading to other areas, ultimately metastasizing.

Another special property of this researched MCP is its ability to selectively bind to and remove heavy metals and toxins, including lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and tin. MCP's detoxification abilities provide further health benefits and supports its cancer fighting effects. You can find more information about chelation and detoxification by visiting

In the last 25 years, I’ve worked with thousands of cancer patients, successfully creating individualized treatment protocols to address the unique circumstances of each patient. While MCP provides a profound contribution to a treatment program, there is still no single magic bullet for fighting cancer; instead, a comprehensive strategy integrating a range of methods must be developed. Utilizing multiple modalities on an individual basis offers a significantly better outcome. This is the essence of integrative cancer therapy. 

It’s All Natural
Since MCP is a natural substance recognized as food by the body, it works gently and safely with no side effects. Due to its gentle nature, it can be used together with standard medical treatments, as well as with other alternative or integrative therapies. Considering the harsh side effects of so many cancer treatments, MCP is a vital tool for people seeking safe yet effective preventative measures, as well as those actively fighting cancer, or maintaining their health following remission.

Patient Stories
Over the years, I have seen amazing turnarounds in people with the most challenging prognosis, using integrative medicine and MCP. Three such patients have been featured on a national health television show, and their stories are worth relaying. 

As a young man, Charlie fought in the Vietnam War, and later served as a firefighter. His next battle was late stage prostate cancer. Searching far and wide for methods to fight his cancer, Charlie became deeply disheartened by the conventional care he was receiving. Looking for alternatives, he and his wife dramatically changed their lifestyle and diet, but still Charlie's PSA was creeping up. When Charlie finally came to see me, I discovered that an old injury from Vietnam was hurting his present health. During the war Charlie had been shot, and now many years later, his lead body burden was nine times the normal level! The aggressiveness of Charlie's prostate cancer was related to his toxic lead levels, and hindered his ability to respond to hormonal therapy. We were able to dramatically decrease his lead levels by using MCP as part of a detox program, allowing Charlie to benefit from both the anti-cancer and chelation properties of MCP.

(Watch Charlie's video by clicking below link)

Another patient who left a lasting impression is Andy. When Andy came to our clinic eight years ago, he was living with advanced Parkinson's disease, and struggling with metastatic colon cancer that spread to his liver, as well as prostate cancer. Having Parkinson's and two types of cancer, he faced more health adversity at one time then most of us will in a lifetime. We worked with him on finding ways to treat the cancer effectively without jeopardizing the treatment of his Parkinson’s disease.  It was not an easy task, but Andy’s strength, combined with strategic integration of different treatment modalities, including MCP, resulted in his miraculous recovery. To this day, at the age of 82, Andy's prostate cancer is under control, there’s no sign of his metastatic
colon cancer, and his Parkinson’s is markedly improved. This amazing outcome resulted from the integration of alternative and conventional medicine. 

(Watch Andy's video by clicking below link)

Bonnie is one last patient whose story I'd like to share with you. Her healing journey involves a remarkable recovery from stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, and nearly 10 years later she's cancer free and in excellent health.

The Future of MCP
MCP has been extensively researched and proven efficacious in the fight against many forms of cancer. More research continues on the powerful anti-cancer effects in early and late stage cancers. As peer reviewed evidence continues to mount on the efficacy of this unique ingredient, patients can be given greater confidence in the role of integrative care in their battle against this potentially deadly disease.

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