Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Water plays a crucial role in your overall health. Depending on your gender, water comprises between 50 and 60 percent of your entire body. In Chinese Medicine, it is considered the body's essential medium, allowing for communication between vital organs and facilitating proper flow. Unfortunately, water that is not properly filtered may be harmful by exposing the body to numerous toxic chemicals. The Environmental Working Group recently conducted a nationwide analysis of drinking water and found that a majority contained the possible carcinogen called hexavalent chromium.

Chromium hexavalent compounds exist in forms such as dyes, paints, inks, and plastics, as well as in agents added to paints and primers. While the highest exposure is typically found in shipyards, marine terminals and construction sites, new information shows that drinking water across the country may be contaminated as well. The chemical can seep into groundwater from natural ores, may be inhaled through polluted air or polluted soil, causing potential respiratory complications such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and nasal itch, among other conditions.

The Environmental Protection Agency found that the presence of this compound in tap water may be carcinogenic to people, so advanced measures need to be taken to build immunity and prevent these toxins from harming your body's systems. Installing a water filtration system in your home or office is the easiest, most effective and economical way to ensure safe drinking water. While common Brita and PUR water filters do not remove the compound, various reverse-osmosis systems that are designed for the home can effectively purify most tap water. Additionally, undergoing regular cleanses to detoxify the body of harmful chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals that have collected in organs and tissues will help protect your body from further damage.

While the federal government has not yet set a limit for hexavalent chromium levels in drinking water, it is reexamining the chemical to determine whether restrictions should be enforced. In the mean time, it is best to protect yourself by minimizing your exposure to this and other health-robbing chemicals, and by taking action to help your body remove these toxins safely and effectively.

The only way to protect you and your loved ones is to pass on the knowledge, so share this information to protect them from harmful drinking water chemicals. Please visit for a complimentary health report on detoxification.

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