Thursday, October 14, 2010

Indiana University Study Reports Breakthrough in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

I'm excited to announce new research!!

Researchers at Indiana University and Methodist Research Institute have published the effects of my integrated breast care formula against breast cancer. The results are found in the most recent publication of Integrative Cancer Therapies. Lead investigator Dr. Daniel Sliva says, "The formula we studied inhibits growth of highly metastatic human breast cancer cells, and suppresses metastatic potential of these cells."

The all-natural formula combines phytonutrients, botanically enhanced medicinal mushrooms, and antioxidants that work together to provide breast protection. Dr. Sliva continues, "We were able to identify specific genes which are responsible for growth of human breast cancer cells and show, on the molecular level, how these natural dietary components affect breast cancer cells."

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women and may lead to more than 38,000 deaths this year in the U.S. Despite significant advances in breast cancer treatment, available treatments for advanced stage breast cancer offer little hope. However, as the study shows, this potent integrative breast formula can be crucial in the fight against highly invasive breast cancer. This unique mixture of ingredients produced strong results at low concentrations, which shows its strength. The ingredients promote breast health through critical hormone modulation, cellular protection, and vital immune enhancement.

Cancer metastasis is a complex process consisting of cell adhesion, cell migration, and cell invasion, and the inhibition of some of these events is crucial for the suppression of cancer metastasis. “Fortunately, the formula we studied inhibits all of these processes, without side effects, which are associated with cancer chemotherapy,” explains Dr. Sliva. Ongoing research on the integrative breast formula in cancer continues to show encouraging results, and additional studies are forthcoming.

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Research published in: Integrative Cancer Therapies

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