Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can aspirin treat breast cancer?

In the recent study from Harvard Medical School published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, 4,164 females who were diagnosed with stage I, II, or III breast cancer between 1976 and 2002 (and observed until June 2006), revealed a decreased risk of recurrence and breast cancer death with weekly aspirin use. Of the 4,164, there were 341 breast cancer deaths.

With this new study, it’s no wonder why the web is all a flurry.. Some reports claim that aspirin use cuts the risk of dying from breast cancer by 50%! But most don’t explain why or how. For example, from ( "The study was observational and therefore does not establish definitive cause and effect or explain how aspirin reduces the risks, and the data only revealed the number of days the women took aspirin, and not the dosage. Holmes said the findings agree with the results of some earlier studies. She said that we are beginning to realize that 'cancer is an inflammatory disease, and aspirin is an anti-inflammatory.'"

As a doctor, I’ve known for a very long time of aspirin’s anti-inflammatory and anti-hyperviscosity (tendency for clotting) effects. Aspirin thins the blood, preventing blood from being sticky, while regulating inflammation within the body. As we know, chronic, unchecked inflammation is a precursor to many serious conditions and diseases; it burns slowly and quietly through the body until a real problem erupts. While there can be multiple causes of chronic inflammation (unhealthy diet, excess sugar, chronic stress, hormonal imbalance, toxic overload and allergies, to name a few) the message remains that we must regulate and control inflammation to bring our bodies back into balance.

Aspirin, however, is not a cure-all. It is synthetic and can produce negative side effects such as liver damage and even death (2,000 cases per year!). Controlling inflammation is a top priority in helping to treat cancer patients, but there are other healthier options. Padma Basic is a supplement that naturally controls inflammation and hyperviscosity while improving circulation. Padma Basic is an ancient herbal formula derived from Tibetan Medicine that promotes healthy circulation, reduces inflammatory conditions and supports the immune system. Most importantly, Padma Basic may block the spread of cancer. A study by Dr. Israel Vlodavsky discovered that Padma blocked the formation of the enzyme that helps cancer cells stick to blood vessels, preventing them from spreading and metastasizing to other organs. More information on Padma and its benefits can be found at

Hyperviscosity and chronic inflammation remain serious threats to our health, and are associated with numerous diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and chronic fatigue. As always, a healthy diet, proper stress management and exercise are keys to achieving health and balance from a holistic perspective. For additional support without the risks of serious side effects, Padma Basic remains one of the best choices for controlling inflammation and maintaining cardiovascular health.

Source of Study: Aspirin Intake and Survival After Breast Cancer, J. Clin. Oncol. 0: JCO.2009.22.7918v1. DOI:10.1200/JCO.2009.22.7918

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