Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CT Scans Can Cause Cancer

The word is out!  CT scans can cause cancer. Well, it's really not new news. See my newsletter article, August 2006. It is quite alarming. Based on statistical models, 29,000 cancers and 15,000 deaths in the next 10-20 years will be caused individuals getting CT scans.. It can actually be much worse with every additional CT scan; the risk increases. It's truly sad that doctors simply didn't pay attention!! The information has been out for years. It's especially scary for cancer patients, post therapy who are being "followed up" with CT scans every 6 months for years. Secondary cancers are going to be a huge problem!

What can we do?

1. Make sure that you really need the CT scan. Can an MRI, an ultrasound, or another image help? PET-CT often uses less radiation and gives more information.
2. There are traditional, ancient diagnostic methods that are of great value. One example of this is pulse diagnosis in TCM or Ayurvedic medicine.
3.The various energetic and electro-acupuncture diagnostic machines are definitely controversial. With the danger that modern technology is posing, they may deserve a better look and more rigorous evaluation.

If you have to take a CT scan, make sure to load yourself with antioxidants, and agents that can absorb and eliminate ionizing radiation. Such agents include alginates, pectins, and various botanicals.

It's important to remember that we are being "radiated" with cosmic radiation, pollutants, free radicals, heavy metals, and the stress of life. A lot of these issues can be balanced with life style. See my recommendations and health reports on

Get ready for the politics of medicine to play out. The radiologists will be out there trying to undermine the findings; a natural survival response. However, we are smarter than this.

So, stay healthy, be radiant, and make it the radiance of your heart, not the radiance of a CT scan.


  1. Thank you Dr. Eliaz for highlighting this incredibly important topic. Conventional doctors do not frequently inform their patients of the dangers of certain treatments and diagnostic tools (such as the CT scan), so it is critical to stay informed! I just downloaded your free health report "Safe, Natural Therapies for Heavy Metal Toxicity", and it is full of excellent information for anyone interested in protecting themselves from toxins, radiation are more. You can find it here:

  2. Excellent info on an important topic. Thank you.

  3. Wow, what an eye opening article. A common procedure of which I had no idea about the dangers!! Thanks so much for focusing on it.